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    help with selection i760 vs. 6800

    I am in need of some advice. I am with Qwest and they are switching to Verizon. After some arm twisting I was able to have a choice between the i760 and the XV6800.

    I have the 6700 with a WM6 kitchen and like the features and hack-ability but it is a brick and with the extended battery its worse, the freezing and bluetooth issues make me think I could switch to the i760 and not have these problems but I am concerned about losing the hackability.

    Has anyone had both and what are your thoughts?

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    I went through this same decision making process before I got my i760. It is tough choice I think. In fact there are a more than a few threads on this very subject. I searched for "i760 XV6800" in this forum and got 3 pages of results - I'd say give them a read. Here's two:

    XV6800 versus the i760

    xv6800 vs. sch i760

    If you chose the i760 over the vx6800 you lose the hackability (really not much in the way of "hacks" for the i760) - you lose the ability to activate the onboard GPS (in the vx6800) via a hack - also the vx6800 has more internal memory.

    If you chose the i760 I think you get a much better phone - superior build quality (imo) - cooler look - the company of all these fine ladies and gents.

    I'm happy with my decision - if I hadn't been in love with my i730 before I broke it I may have gone for the vx6800.

    Also, VZW is going to get the HTC Diamond and some other interesting things such as the BB Thunder so maybe it's worth waiting?
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    I have had the i760 for 5 months now and love it. The other day I was checking out craigslist and found a hardup seller selling the xv6800 for $125 brand new so I picked that up. After hacking the hell out of the 6800 I now have GPS enabled which is awesome considering I use it all the time.

    When it comes down to it, it really depends what your using the phone for. after trying them both I like them equally but if I had to chose one I would choose the i760. Why, because its a sexy well build device and makes you feels like you really got your moneys worth

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