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    Connection and dialing problems

    I have been experiencing significant problems with this phone since I got it... Latest problem which started a month or so ago (even before I upgraded to WM 6.1) is that the phone would refuse to connect.
    I have 4 bars visible EV X1 signal ok... I would have to dial the phone number over and over sometimes up to 7 times until it connects.
    Same thing happens with the internet connection. I have unlimited data and it would keep trying to reconnect over and over with no luck.
    Sometimes the only solution is a soft reset or turn the phone off and then back on... I called VZ two times; trouble shoot... nothing... still a big problem. Hard reset did not even fix the problem.
    Is anyone experiencing similar issues...
    In all honesty...after having been an owner of the i700; i730; and a Blackberry (for only 1 month though). I would have to say hands down; this is the worst PDA/Smart phone I ever used.
    Ya ya ... don't hate me... I know you're in love with yours... Sorry it is not a personal attack on anyone, so don't get defensive.
    VZ is sending me another one in 2 days... I just hope it is a one bad phone.... What a nightmare.
    Anyone with similar issues... anyone with a possible solution.
    The Perfect Device... Are you still searching for it.... Never needs updating... never needs charging..... never needs rebooting or resetting.... and it's never outdated.... still searching..... If you are...then you must not be using it....

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    This may seem obvious to some, but have you updated the roaming and PRL? Dial *22899 at least once a month.

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    If that doesn't help just go to a Verizon store and tell them and get a new one and see if another has the same problems. I haven't had that sort of problem at all, same with my girlfriend.

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