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    Street fighter II

    Anyone have any ideas if this will run on the i760? Handango is claiming it's not compatible with it, but is good to go with AT&T's tilt. The only requirement I can find is WM5 nothing more detailed than that. Has anyone tried this out yet?

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    Dude, save money and run the full arcade game in the Final Burn emulator for free.

    However, whichever way you choose to play it.... i dont see it being any fun on the i760. Diagonals dont work on the 4-way pad, and most of the fron number keys can not be assigned to functionsin games (only the # key seems to work). the volume keys and soft keys can be assigned, as can the clear key... but trying to use all of these for street fighter doesnt seem like it would work well.

    Seriousl though, get final burn and enjoy many other capcom and neo geo arcade games. Many of them work great even without diagonals.

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