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    Where the heck do I find the Pim.vol file?

    I'm trying to backup all of my contacts and statr using this phone again since by blackberry 8130 is having memory issues. My other question is have they done anything to help the bugs in the phone? I want to perform a hard reset because I like the phone just not all the issues related to having it, which is why I stepped over to my blackberry. I'm looking into my windows folder and Any help is appreciated! I'm looking for it in file explorer but i'm such a neewbie lol.

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    That file is not in the Windows folder. It is located in the top level root folder. And you may not see it with the standard file explorer.

    Try using Total Commander from here:

    Total Commander - PocketPC

    Lots of user here swear by it.
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    You can also use a program called PIMbackup to backup the contents of you PIM.vol file in addition to other phone related things not stored in the PIM file like text messages.
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    I've had good luck with it and always like recommending it when somebody wants to backup their PIM info
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    Because this question has been asked and answered many times and is in the FAQs, I'm going to close this thread.
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