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    i760 never staying connected to the internet. Help

    I am not sure what the issue is. Using WM6.1 with my Samsung i760.

    Anytime I use opera mobile, I will load a webpage, and sometimes I have to reload it multiple times. What happens is, it initially says connecting , Dials the #777 for a data connection, then that message disappears. Then it reappears, then disappears. Sometimes the page doesn't load. Hitting refresh, the #777 comes up again, and eventually loads. It seems like the phone isn't staying connected to the internet for some reason.

    I am using Phonealarm pro 2.0.06, not sure if that is the issue.
    I have Auto disconnect after 5 min, and verizon disconnect fix, both checked in the extras/data connection section of phonealarm.

    Any ideas what the issue is?

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    The auto disconnect option is to disconnect your data connection. Uncheck that option as well as the Verizon fix. Works fine on mine i760 with pA

    Also double check your settings under Sound and Notifications on connection established to be sure you have the popup set to on or off as you want.
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