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    Press "1" for Voicemail does not work after WM6.1 upgrade

    I recently upgraded to WM6.1. Pressing "1" for voicemail no longer works. The rest of my speed dials work fine. I have tried setting the Phone Options for Voicemail to *86 only and have also tried adding pauses and my password. In either case, pressing and holding the "1" key does nothing but enter 1 in the dialing window.

    One probable cause of my problem is that I have Spb Pocket Plus 4.10 Beta installed and Spb Phone Suite 1.3.1 Beta installed as these are the only versions to "support" WM6.1.

    Any help is appreciated.
    i760 (i730 upgrader)

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    It works for me. I have 6.1, Pocket Plus 4.0.2, nd no Phone Suite.

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