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    Is there a way to automatically resend text messages when service is availible?

    I find this very annoying that I hafto click to try and send the message again if there is low service. Sometimes I will have service and it will say it cannot be sent. Is there an option or program that will automatically resend when it can?

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    I like this question! A quick search reveals that you/we are not alone. Plenty of threads on this at XDA and no clear solutions that I could see.

    automatic resend of failed SMS? - xda-developers

    Hmmm - Arcsoft MMS - will investigate ...

    This is an issue for me as I'm always trying to txt my wife while on the train as services goes in and out and it's annoying to have to sit there resending.

    *hmmm hmm anyone have experience with this? Arcsoft MMS ver OEM for Verizon users ONLY.... - xda-developers
    Seems to be versions on XDA and PPC Geeks - not sure which to try. This app seems like it would autosend if it worked.
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    I hate this too. But lately mine doesn't say that the message cannot send right away so I always have to go back and check. (really annoying) Also, if a message doesn't go through then I am unable to receive text messages. And sometimes my messages go through but say they don't, so I have people telling me they get my message multiple times.

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