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    Sync Suddenly Stopped Working

    Hi Everyone,

    I've seen some threads on getting the sync to work initially, with the help of them I was good for 4-5 days... now my sync has stopped working and my device (Samsung i760) shows up as Unknown Device... any thoughts?

    Drivers just appear to be ''gone'.


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    Had the same problem once, and this is what I did:

    Disconnect phone
    re-boot phone (take battery out)
    re-boot computer
    log in to your user account (if necessary)
    Only when computer is fully up (hard drive light goes out and stays out) then re-connect the phone

    Good luck! Worked for me.

    My problem is that it wants to sync every 15 seconds, and the 'Schedule' tab is greyed out. Anyone got any ideas on that?
    Downhills and tailwinds, 73

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