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    New User with a Few Issues

    First off, I want to say that both before and after my 6.1 update this phone is LAGGY. It is rather slow to switch between portrait and landscape (maybe a 2 second lag) and rather slow to wake up from being asleep (maybe 2 or 3 seconds). This slow lag time is incredibly annoying after a while. Anybody have any fixes for this? I have only three applications: funambol, skyfire and I think PocketCM. WHY IS IT SO SLOW? I've tried a hard reset and that didn't fix anything. I know it's only a second or two but it's very bothersome. Does everyone have this slow response time?

    After downloading PocketCM I'm having serious trouble because I keep accidentally bringing up the symbols menu when I press the space button some times --- anybody else with this application having this problem?

    When updating to 6.1, the update process after about 10 minutes (70% of the download bar completed) started just counting up on the "remaining time" and after about 50 minutes of the download status bar not going anywhere, I disconnected the phone. I hard resetted and it ran fine with 6.1 and everything is working functionally but I am now having some bugs. It will sometimes not sleep for me after pushing the sleep button it will just wake right back up. Is this because the download process seemed to fail? I am afraid to update it again for fear of bricking.


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    my i760 came with 6.1 pre-installed so can't help you there. as for the lag time in switching to landscape...if I'm just on the today screen it's pretty immediate. If IE is in the midst of loading a webpage, it seems to really bog the thing down.

    My previous phone was a motorola q9 so by comparison this phone is a bit faster. I've no other smartphone to compare it to.

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