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    I'm back to a WM device!

    Hi guys! I'm new to this site i've been lurking for a bit lately.
    I used to have a 700wx and then got a BB storm. I missed having the customization and more software that you could shake a stick at when I had my 700wx.
    I have some questions for all you guru's out there.
    I see that some of you guys have a butt load of s/w on your phones and when I go to settings and memory I can see that:
    Storage Memory is only at 3MB
    Program Memory is only at 17.76MB

    How do I free up some more space?

    When I go to Remove Programs to see what I have on my phone I see that I have the following:
    BJK HTC EzInput 1.5 LPack-EN RC1
    BJK HTC EzInput FnSpace
    BJK HTC EzInput KPad 1.5 RC2
    emunutz HTC Home Customizer
    Google Maps
    HTC Album
    HTC Audio Manager
    HTC HTC Home
    Jetech.org PocketNester
    Marco Petrucci WMMiniBattery
    PHM Regristry Editor
    pocketMax pmClean
    Skyfire Browser.

    So knowing that what would you think I should do to free up some space in my phone?
    Also how would I backup my phone without having to download these programs again? I have no idea where to get them bc I traded my BB Storm to my friend for his i760.

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    Anyone? I really want to start using this phone like you guys!

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    Looks like you got a used phone with a bunch of 3rd party applications already installed. In addition, it appears to be a custom ROM. If you just want to get the device to its original state, you could try installing the official ROM from Verizon Wireless website. Hopefully, somebody more experienced can verify this.

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    You could leave the phone the way it is and uninstall the 3rd party apps. Get a 4gb (or 8gb if your ROM supports it) SD card and move/reinstall all the apps you're not running constantly (google maps, pocketnester, etc) to the card. You'll free up quite a bit of memory and the phone will run smoother.

    I have about 20-25 apps (games, mapping software, 2 different Sirius apps, etc) installed on my card and still have about 20mb of storage left on the phone itself.

    Also make sure to clear the history/cache from IE, it retains quite a bit of unnecessary data.

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    I think if you google those apps you'll be able to find the source for the programs. Most of them look like they are free utilities. You'll find a lot of them on the XDAdevelopers.com website. There is a thread here about how to add T-9 functionality to the i760 in this forum that gives the links and directions to the EZinput files for example. and PHM regedit is a classic registry editing tool that is free. Then I would hard reset and reload the apps you want. And as 2kSilverbullet suggests try storing as many as you can on the SD card.. Also since this is a used phone you might check your internet cache.. they may be taking up a lot of space.
    Setting one of these beasties up from scratch is the best way to learn about it!
    Luck is where opportunity meets preparation.

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    Thanks guys. Your answers really helped.
    I just saved the 3rd party programs and did a hard reset on my phone.
    On another note is there any way to set ringtones for text messages for certain people? I know that on my BB Storm that when a different person texted me their own ringer would sound. But on this phone only one ringtone is for everyone.

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