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    Looking at possible replacements to i760

    So I am about to get replacement #2 in a month and after almost a year of 99% trouble free ownership with my first i760, I went out looking at other phones today. I am not impressed. I Omnia is ok and I am sure with some work it can be nice, but the screen is horrible outside. My local V-stores don't carry Touch-Pro's so I went to ATT and played with a Fuze, again, not impressed at all. Feels cheap and fragile, plus it was kinda slow (but that might not have been phone . So, not sure what to do for the short term. Hope the new phone doesn't have any button problems (like the replacement I now have), and really hope the big V gets some better phones soon (they will have the Diamond next week, but have not read much good about it). Sorry, needed to vent....


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    I'm going through the same problem. Thinking about switching to the iphone, but I don't really like the touch screen keyboard.

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    I'm in the same boat. Moved by office to my home, want to start doing email from PDA. I don't know if I can stand another Samsung wait for Windows Mobile update scenario like I did with the i700, i730, then i760.

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    The Treo Pro should be out soon given that is just launched for Alltel now owned by Verizon. That might be viable if you can wait...

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    I'm in the same boat as well. My second year with the i760 will end in July but I really can't find a PDA that's just as good as this one. I'm looking for a phone with more internal memory (card files keep disappearing) so that I can install programs directly to the phone and not worry about space. Plus I'm looking for a larger screen plus a tactile keyboard.

    I've also looked at the Omnia but it has a lot of things that I don't like. No stylus and not enough buttons (windows/call end) to play with. I'm use to the i760 that has a button for everything!

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    Same boat done research for like 4 months found nothing any suggestions would be good

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    What happened to the Samsung Pivot?

    There were all kinds of rumors concerning the Samsung Pivot and the specs on that phone looked awesome!!! It was supposed to come out at the MWC 2009 in Barcelona a few months ago and I never heard a word after that.
    It looks like Samsung is releasing two more gadgets soon, the Samsung Louve and Pivot. These two upcoming WiMo devices will come in sliding and bar forms respectively.

    Samsung Pivot (not to be confused with X830) features:

    Successor to the i780 with QWERTY keyboard
    Windows Mobile 6.5
    5 MP cam with flash

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    I was having a hard time waiting to check out the TP2 or Diamond2, but accidentally cracked the screen on my trusted old Sammy and Big V gave me the opportunity to switch to the TP without restarting my clock. I think I'll be pretty happy with the TP until something better comes along. For more details on the difficult psychological adjustment of replacing an i760, see here:

    Should I switch to Touch Pro from Sammy i760

    The ergonomics of the i760 just can't be beat, but it's hard to say no to VGA and GPS--will have to buy lots of batteries, 'though.

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