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    A few helpful hints please?

    I'm not going to go into a lengthy history, let's just say that I made the late transition from my i730 to an i760. So far I'm enjoying the device, however I have come across a few questions that I've not been able to find answers to through the search or faqs.

    When it came to videos etc., I sure was looking forward to a faster processor and the ability to watch videos (something that I gave up on with my i730), but when trying to utilize winmedia my movie was clippy to the point of distraction. I've been ripping movies to my laptop in a format that I thought would work well on my new i760 as well as save on a CD.

    What formats and rippers has everyone been using?

    I think that I now miss the bt toggle hack that I used on the i730 and believe that I saw a question without a real answer on that in this area. Is the old file compatable, or is there a new one?

    Also, whereas I was always able to sych via bt, I've never figured out how to network with other computers, what am I missing?

    missing question/point...
    When I use the key lock the volume rocker still works while inserting into my niteize case, is there a way to stop this?
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    For your video question.... I use TCPMP for viewing videos. I use PocketDivxEncoder to convert movies on my PC then transfer them to my memory card using a USB Card reader. The video resolution needs to be 320x240 otherwise the player will need to resize as it plays and will be choppy.......

    TCPMP Download Link
    TCPMP new VS2008 builds for WM6.1 with FLV built in - xda-developers

    PocketDivxEncoder Download Link

    PocketDivxEncoder Tutorial
    DVD / AVI / MP4 -> TO Pocket PC XviD using PocketDivXEncoder - VideoHelp.com

    On the "Choose Your Target" screen, choose "PDA". I personally also use the "2 pass encoding" under advanced settings. it takes longer but better results.

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    This may help with your BT toggle, it is a shortcut to the Bluetooth Headset tab

    Shortcut to the Bluetooth Headset Screen?

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    I too was dissapointed to find out that the i760 was not more powerful than the i730. I used to be able to watch iPod-encoded vids with a bit of chop, but they are a no-go on the i760.

    Agree with everything marioval posted. Exactly what I use.
    My only tip with the Pocket Divx Encoder is to switch the orientation to the opposite of what you want. For some reason it gets reversed for the i760.

    I have actually been using a similar app called viDrop actually made for mp4 players. It has tons more options and you can even rip directly from a DVD and pull in subtitles etc. I just used the settings for "Generic Rockchip 320x240 high.ini" and chose "Keep aspect" and "90 degrees counter-clockwise" I'll still use PocketDivxEncoder, but I think viDrop is a bit faster.

    viDrop - free open-source converter for RockChip players

    As far as the Bluetooth question - do you just want to be able to quickly turn on and off the BT radio? If so you could try G-Profile. You can set it to turn on BT when an application starts and/or there is a Today Screen plugin that lets you toggle between "Profiles". Just started trying it out, but it's pretty nice.
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    Thanks all, just a few more thoughts before sunday brunch...

    I've a 7yo who loves tech and just got his first [I]new[I] laptop, before that I used to pacify him with something on my phone or ppc.

    I've been ripping vids using ImToo, which I have had few problems with, except for figuring settings. Since this all started with my hp jornada, I've been using a General Pocket PC wmv setting, which also works well on the pc.

    Perhaps I shall try using mp4 instead, but there are so many settings to chose from and as an ex-dj, vids had not been a priority. Which format mp4 @ 320x240 should I use. Oh, and I did try the first mentioned apps and had frustrating results which may have been cleared up by the later post (haven't tried again).

    As for the BT toggle thing, that was something I found here in the i730 forum before I upgraded. I liked how it worked, it's not a matter of just turning on the bt radio, but sending all sounds through the bt headset.

    I found this handy when waiting for the wife to get off work, or even just listening to music while hangin' on the porch. (admitantly I have not tried the posted app from the i730 forums yet, but I thought I read that it didn't work in a different thread)

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