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    pountui and majic button wont start upon turning phone on

    why doesn't my pointui start up when i turn my phone on. (might my s2u2 be interfering?) I also run magic button and it doesn't come one after I've shut my phone completely off

    the steps i did to originally get the program on my phone
    1. i saved the file to my storage card
    2. then opened the file.
    3. when it asked where i wanted it to save.
    4. I saved it to device.
    5. after saving it to device it turns into the Home2 folder which I found in the program file folder
    6. then i go down to the icon with home2 by it and the program starts running (when the program first starts running it triggers my internet to come on. Via broadband access. I assume it does this because of the Google updates on the world screen)
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