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    Any idea why MMS(pix messaging) ain't working?

    I had a VX8300 and I recently upgraded to the sch-i760 phone. I had an unlimited text plan and a unlimited in-PIX plan for Verizon. Anybody know why this won't work? Anytime I try to send a pix message it says it is unable to do so.

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    The reason it doesn't work is because you need a data plan. The unlimited text is just that-text.

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    Smile Pay-as-you-go data plan is ok for pix

    At least in my area -- I have txt/pix/flix plan, and pay-as-I-go data, and am able to send/recv pix.

    Ryan, you may want to check that you do not have data blocked -- either by Vz or thru a setting in your phone. Even though sending pix does not charge for data (not supposed to charge -- see my post on this subject), you still need to have data available for MMS to work.
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