My company has an Outlook Web Access site. I'm new to this phone, but I was able to setup access to that OWA site fine when I first got it. It prompted my for a user name and password, and I must have checked "Remember my info" as it never asked me after that - I just went to the Favorites link for that OWA site and put me right in my Inbox.

NOW, the company has changed our OWA site and I'm no longer able to get into it. (I keep getting a "Page Cannot Be Displayed" error) I've talked with support on my company side. They said there WAS an issue with this device accessing the site, but that it's been cleared up. I'm assuming that I need to somehow clear out the saved login / password and try again, but can't figure out how to do that.

Long story short: How do I clear out cached autocomplete / password / content info for IE on this phone? Or if you can think of anything else I need to try, please feel free to suggest.

Thanks - Satiria