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Thread: WMP keep alive?

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    WMP keep alive?

    Anybody know how to keep WMP alive? If I listen to a track that is longer than say 5 minutes, WMP will not advance to the next track. In fact, when I take the phone out of sleep mode (aka dark display), WMP looses track of which song I was last playing and I have to restart from where it left off.

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    No idea really. Have you considered using an alternate music player?

    See Media Player Question
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    WMP is quarky. It sometimes does remember the last spot, but usually forgets it and I have to drill back down to the SD card and then to the album and track again.
    I've tried S2P but I wasn't impressed cause it uses WMP's core and is almost an overlay. It does remember last spot though from what little use I've made. One thing I didn't like is how the volume works. I couldn't get the main volume to change when I used the rocker, it only changes the player's volume.
    I have to try the other players. WMP is bugging me.

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