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    Trouble with Pointui

    I have spent the greater majority of the night trying to install pointui 2 on my phone but something won't work correctly. I can download the .cab file onto my desktop, and am able to get it onto my phone (i can find it under file manager but not under programs). when i try to run it on my phone, it goes through the instalation and gives me the "if you want more space you can remove programs" message, but then the actual program never shows up anywhere on my phone. But then I can go to remove programs, and it will show pointui 2 taking up space on my phone's main memory. whats the deal?

    Also I tried to get several shells and skins, really anything to work on my phone, and I dont know what i'm doing wrong but i cant get the .cab files (or any files) onto my phone. It seems odd that not a single one would work, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Are you still having trouble?

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    You need to go into the settings for your today screen, go to the "Items" tab, and check the box next to "PointUI".

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