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    Camera issues - locking & syncing


    I have one strange issue with my Samsung i760 camera, and a few questions on syncing.

    1. Almost every time I use the camera, and close the camera, the phone seems to be locked - no incoming, and no outgoing. I can't even seem to turn off the phone (to reboot?) The only thing I can do is to take out the battery and replace it again. Any ideas?

    2. I use ActiveSync between my phone and Outlook. Can anyone tell me how I can determine whether the pictures I have taken have been synced to my PC, and if so, where they went?

    3. I am using SPB Wallet, which I love. I believe it is being synced from the phone to my PC. I wonder if I ever need to use the sync cable.

    4. I just recently purchased a new program from Handango. I can't even remember what it is right now, because I wasn't able to install it on my phone. I still have the Text Message telling me to click the link to download it. I believe I did that already, but then I couldn't figure out how to run/install it on the phone - or on the computer.

    Any help with these issues would be greatly appreciated.

    I came from using a Palm Treo, and I did a lot of detective work to figure that out - but without having a HotSync manager, I can't figure out what to do.



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    1. My phone does the same thing, you just have to remember not to leave the camera program open. If the phone goes into sleep mode before you close the camera app you have to soft reset the phone. (With the phone slid open, poke the stylus into the little hole to the left of the Fn key on the keyboard)

    2. Look for a folder in your My Documents folder on you computer called "Documents on Sch-I760" or something similar to that. If you have windows Device manager set up to sync your pictures they will be in that folder somewhere. If you store pictures on an SD card then most likely they will not be saved to your computer when you sync.

    3. Not sure I completely understand question 3, I've never used Spb wallet though.

    4. If the file extension is .cab then you need to copy the file to your phone and click on it from the file explorer program. If the file extension is .exe then you need to double click the file from your computer and it will install it from your computer onto your phone (make sure your phone is connected).

    Hope that helps!

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