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    Cell radio won't turn on....Help!

    I just got my new phone from an online reseller. It was advertised "New in Box" and still had the plastic on the screen and battery. The phone powered up fine and everything seems to work except the cell radio. When I go to Start -> Settings -> Wireless Manager, then click on "Phone" the little windows "hourglass circle" comes up for a few seconds and then goes away but the phone never comes on. I've soft reset and hard reset the phone, but I can't get the cell radio to turn on. Anyone have any thoughts on what's wrong? Is my new phone broken?

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    Online Re-seller?
    Did you sign up for phone service with Verizon? Or somebody if the
    phone is cracked? Call your cell carrier to turn on the phone.
    It sounds like you don't have phone service. Or phone is broke.

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    This is the same issue as this post...Samsung i760 phone problem

    I had the same issue myself with 2 i760s just as kcobean described. I've tried a number of different updates, researched til exhaustion, Verizon was no help at all, hard resets only clear the phone and leave the condition in place. I'm finally leaving the i760. I don't think there is any resolution to this issue that we're able to perform.

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