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Thread: PDF Reader

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    PDF Reader

    What do you guys use to read PDF's? The default is Picsel Browser and it seems pretty crappy for that. Always get a full memory message and I only get to see the first page of the PDF.

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    Its ironic that Adobe Reader Mobile is much less capable of loading pdf files than Foxit Reader.

    Foxit Reader is the way to go all the way even though they charge to use it. If you want it for free PM Me.

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    Forgot one that needs to be added for consideration - Pocket Xpdf
    If it had soft-key support I'd gush on and on about it. Works great - saves your place via bookmarks (making it a decent e-book reader imo) plenty of options.

    (these WM2003/5 older apps that still work like champs - I just wish someone would take the time to add soft-key support)

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