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    Buttons stop working in landscape mode

    Hey Guys,

    I have this weird issues where some buttons on the front of the phone cease to work when i slide out the keyboard and start to work in landscape mode.

    On the numpad, 3 and 6 stop working. And on the D-Pad the left button stops. Im sure you can imagine how annoying this can be when typing an email.

    These buttons work with no issues when the keyboard is slid up and the phone is in normal mode.

    I just upgraded to WM6.1 and no problems seems to be fixed.

    let me know what you guys think.


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    I have the same exact issue.

    The only difference is, my number 5 button and my down directional button cease working when i slide out the keyboard and begin working in landscape mode.

    Otherwise I love this phone, but this problem is seriously causing me to waste a lot of time.

    Anyone have any ideas on this?

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