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    Phone Running Very Slow (taking over 20 minutes to restart)

    summary of my post is at the bottom in bold incase you dont have the time to read everything

    All of a sudden my phone has started running VERY slowly.
    Internet Explorer is constantly freezing up or only saying "connecting". and when it does i cant close it from the "running programs list".

    when i receive calls it only allows me to answer them when there are about to rings left before voicemail (called my cell from my house phone to test it out).

    and for the past few calls, the only way i can get rid of the caller id window is by having to restart my phone.
    Now, when i turn my phone off and turn it back on, it takes over 20 minutes to get to the "enter password" screen. it stays at that blue/green windows mobile screen for a good 20 minutes.

    the time will also be off. at times it'll be off by a few minutes, or by a couple of hours. but when i'm able to get the internet explorer working for a short period of time the clock is accurate. and when the IE is working it is slower than usual.

    i just tried syncing my phone to the computer but it doesnt connect and the activesync freezes up. also, after i tried this it shows my contacts list as empty, but it still has my names and numbers when i check through text messages or press the talk button on the left side and scroll down the list of calls (after you scroll down through all the recent calls you've made, received, and missed it shows your contacts).

    all i can think of is doing a hard reset for my phone but that will erase everything and now it seems i cant back up my data onto the computer since its not connecting.

    can anyone help me??
    thanks for any help

    -phone is running VERYslow
    -internet explorer is constantly freezing or only saying "connecting"
    -when i try to restart my phone it stays at the blueish green windows mobile screen for over 20 minutes before going to the "enter password" screen
    -not syncing to the computer and activesync freezes up
    -i need help badly

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    My phone did the same thing. I got a new phone.

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