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    Samsung i760 phone problem

    I just got a used i760 (previous user claims it was in perfect working order). Everything seems to be working okay except for one minor <g> issue--the phone service will not turn on. I activated the phone on line several hours ago but every time I try to call the *228 number to complete the activation I get a notice that says the phone is off and asking if I want to turn it on. I click yes but nothing happens. I've tried to turn it on in every way I can find. Once it did turn on for about 30 seconds but then turned off again. A few minutes ago it turned on for about 3 seconds. Every other time it just churns for a couple seconds and then returns to it's previous state. I should have a good signal--a tower is only about a mile away and I've always had good service with half a dozen previous phones.

    Any ideas?

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    If you go to the wireless manager, is the phone on? Can you turn it on from there?

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    jjstephens has come across a rare issue that can be found in the posts just a few times. I myself have my 2nd i760 with this same issue. The phone works in every aspect, except that you cannot turn on the phone service. If the phone is unplugged from a charger it gives an alert that the battery is too low to turn on phone service...even when the battery is at 100%. If you plug the phone into a charger and attempt to turn the phone on, it immediately turns the phone service off again wtih no explanation. Performing a hard reset does not alleviate the issue, but does reset the phone back to it's original settings. Verizon replaced my first phone after only 30 days...30 days later...again the same thing.

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