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Thread: T9word Support

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    T9word Support

    Is there support or some type of add-in to enable T9word support on this device. I know it has a full qwerty keyboard, but it would be nice to quick message someone from the dial pad on front. I hate abc ever since I got accustomed to word.

    Thanks in Advance

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    There is. It's been discussed on the forum, but I'm going to bed and I'm too lazy to search for it. But it's around here somewhere. I tried it, and it works, but it was doing some weird things, so I got rid of it. Do a search, and you should find it.

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    Yes, do search and ye shall find. I tried it too, but it was a bit too wonky for my liking (I think it messed with the on-screen keyboard or something)

    * here this is what I think I tried, but there may have been another "solution" - FINALLY T9 using Keypad (Fixed QWERTY Keyboard)
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