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    What will be the next version of i760?

    my new every 2 is coming up, and although i love my i760, i was just curious if anyone knew what the next model will be or when it will be out? like the i760, i want a slildeout keyboard and the dialpad on the front.

    i also heard that once i get a new phone they will force me to get a data plan, so i dont plan on getting rid of my i760 so fast...

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    I though the Samsung Saga SCH-I770 was the new version of the SCH-I760?

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    I have tested that device at work. Meh. The touchpad mouse (while cool) really affects the use of the button as a D pad. The keys are TINY.

    I think I am going to get a replacement 760 under insurance because there is absolutely nothing at VZW that I want right now.

    I really wish they would pick someone else besides HTC to be their primary PDA phone provider. I looked at the Touch D / Pro. What a POS.

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    Same boat here. Just got my 4th replacement yesterday (so far so good). The new Touch Pro 2 looks promising and then LG is coming with a real WM smartphone soon as well. Spent a few hours the other day going to a ATT, Sprint, T-Mobile and ATT is way ahead in the choices. Come on big V!!!

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