Decided to compile several threads about VzW's Asurian insurance replacement plan that I finally had to use after my original/1stGen i760 suffered blunt force trauma to the touchscreen.
(btw, ActiveSync allowed me one last full backup with Sprite Mobile, but not before I installed MyMobiler
to le me see the phone's Today screen/alarms/reminders/etc on my pc screen, which was integral in letting me turn off password lock and other things that complicate running a full backup.

Anyway, got the replacement next day (today) after using Asurian's website. I did try calling their main number, but the automated system crashed on me, but it kept saying the online method is quicker turnaround, so I never called back.

If the phone is refurbished, I can't tell. It looks flawless and came with a new slim battery and charging cable only. I'll report back if I have any probs.

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