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    Install apps on assurion phone - card or main memory...

    I just got a replacement phone due to the untimely death of my old phone. I am going to install my most used applications, but wanted to ask which ones should be put on the phone and which can be put on the card. My old phone frequently ran low on memory – so I want to make sure I do it right this time.

    These are the apps I am going to put on in the short run...

    Live Search
    Phone Alarm
    The free tethering CAB in post #12

    I have a big presentation in the morning and I fear I won't have time to search for each of these in time. If any of you have time to just give me a quick heads up on which I can put on the storage phone it would sure help me out!

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    My rule of thumb is the only apps I install to the phone memory are apps that are always running like SPB Mobile Shell, QuickMenu, etc unless the app has documentation that I should install to phone memory. So in your case I would do LiveSearch=SD card, PhoneAlarm=Phone Memory, Tethering=Phone Memory.

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