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    Wifi not staying connectd when phone sleeps

    I just got the Sch-I760 as a phone to get me by until Blackberry releases the Storm 2 or Iphone comes to Verizon. I am a long time Blackberry user and coming from the Storm which was real buggy. It is refreshing to have a phone do almost what you want it to. I have one problem though. When i am connected to wifi, it will disconnect when the phone goes to sleep, which logs me out of all IM clients and also does not chck for email. I have searched and maybe I just didn't see what I was looking for but I didn't find a definite answer. How can I get it to be connected at all times no matter what? Do I need a separate wifi app for this? Does the phone being on have anything to do with it? Also I have already upgraded to 6.1. Any help would be appreciated.


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    I'm pretty sure wifi will disconnect when the phone goes to sleep, this is normal behavior. You can adjust your power settings to make it wait longer before it goes to sleep but this will drain the battery faster.

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    In the past I've set the power settings to not sleep at all when I want to stay connected through a meeting for example, but almost without fail the phone ends up freezing up on me requiring a SR.
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