Just got a mint used i760 yesterday from Craigslist, original box, everything included, even an extra standard and extended battery (4 batteries total), case and belt holster, 2 chargers and 2 usb cables for just $100.

So far, i only use it with wifi networks, home, apple store, libraries. I walk around Boston alot.

I installed Google Mobile so far (gmail, youtube, maps) and AIM Mobile.

Is there a program that does push email, and another for push aim so i can setup a ring/notification if I automatically connect to an unsecured network and have a new email/message?

Also, what other free apps/downloads do you recommend?

Note, I still have 6, have not updated to 6.1 yet because my toshiba laptop is mailed out for service. Using my brother's boss's mac mini. Is there a way to istall it from a mac