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    Pic Messaging with Data plan

    I have the i760 with the pay as you go data plan and unlimited text and pic messaging. Since the phone connects to Verizon when receiving or sending a pic message, will i be charged extra even though i have unlimited text and picture messaging?

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    As I understand it yes, that is why I use the wifi w/ email for those occasions

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    Smile You do get charged sometimes, but only a little!

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    As I mentioned in this post Problem with sending MMS picture messages
    (see post #13) With the unlimited txt/pix/flix package, you send pictures as part of your package, and you are not supposed to be charged for data. Since MMS uses the data connection, sometimes it stays open, and you get charged a few cents. Verizon has confirmed this in two of three emails they have sent me, one of which is quoted in part in the post noted above.

    My experience is that if you do get charged -- you won't always, but you will be a few times unless they have fixed their system -- you can call to have them reverse the few cents in charges (if you are as anal as I am ), or just let it go.
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