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    Cellular Radio won't Stay ON

    Searched the forum and didn't see anyone else having this same problem.

    Just last night I started having a problem where the phone keeps turning off the Cell radio on its own. I turn it back on, and it might stay on for 5 mins or sometimes only 5 secs before it turns it back off again. This is frustrating to say the least, and obviously renders the phone useless. I hadn't loaded any new apps or changed any software before this started happening.

    Has anybody else had this problem? Is there a setting somewhere in the OS that could have been changed?

    Running WM6.1 & MS3.
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    If you don't mind starting from scratch, do a Hard Reset and don't make any changes or load any apps and see if it still happens. If the problem is gone then load your usual apps 1 by 1 to see if you can find the culprit. There may be no culprit, the problem may just be something that got screwy along the way... Or the problem may be there right after your Hard Reset in which case you know you have a defective device.

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