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    Any luck selling an i760?

    Sorry guys, back I'm getting ready to jump ship to the new Blackberry Tour. I was wondering if people have had much luck selling their i760s for a decent price, or if I should trade it in to one of those gadget trade-in websites (Gadget trade-in services that pay off | Webware - CNET. It seems I can probably get around $50 from one of those sites, but obviously I'd like more. Do you think I should try my luck on Ebay and other sites, or just trade it in?


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    I bought mine for $70 through eBay in like new condition. I'd probably just go through the gadget swap site and do that; save you some money in eBay fees and don't have to worry about getting scammed or that stuff. Plus, it's probably close to what you're going to get anyways.....

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