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    Plan switcheroo to get better NE2?

    I have my NE2 discount waiting for me. However, because my plan is just under $79.99, I only get the $50 NE2 rebate. Can I change my plan to just above $79.99, in order to get the $100 rebate, even though my NE2 is already available? And then (if I can do that), can I switch back to a less expensive plan, after a billing period?

    Also, the only reason my plan is just under $79.99 is my corporate discount. You don't think I can convince them to ignore that, do you?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Last time I did the NE2 update (one the other phone on my account) they offered me 50bux.. and I said "Whoa Nelly...You said it was going to be $100 two years ago!" They gave me the extra $50.. so the moral of the story is to ask them... and talk to Nelly, tell her I say hi
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