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    Phone constantly hangs?

    All -

    I'm an original SCH-i760 owner and upgraded to 6.1 thanks to the help on this forum.

    I'm not sure when this problem started happening, but it has been getting worse. My phone locks up (hangs) about once a day, causing me to miss calls / SMS / emails... Very frustrating, because I don't realize it's hung up until I go to use it. It's causing marital problems, because usually I'm missing a call or text from my wife.

    The common theme is that whenever I reset (warm reset - pressing the recessed red button), after the device boots up, there is a notification that was displayed. My gut tells me that somehow the notification process is messed up, and when it tries to display the pop-up it kills the system.

    My 3rd-party apps include: MS Live Search, MS Facebook, MS Live Mesh (useless, happy to remove), Mobipocket Reader, KeePassPPC, and Google Search, and Mike Miller's SuperDoku.

    I have experimented with some of the SBPSoft trial apps, Opera Mobile Browser, and some other things that were later removed. I guess it is possible that something hooked in to the notification process that was later removed? But, most of the time the notifications work -- so I don't think it's an absolute. I think it's a bug.

    Has anyone seen this?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    The only way your going to really be able to rule out that some app is acting up is to do a hard reset... Whenever I experienced something like your description it was usually after I had been evaluating a bunch of software and I know something corrupted the system ... The best way to troubleshoot it is to (back up of course), do a hard reset, and then add the apps one at a time, and evaluate the behavior of your phone between each install.. like day if you can. In really odd circumstances it can be the order the applications are loaded.
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    Concur. Do a hard reset, then only install what you're really using and install them only as-needed.

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    I concur too unfortunately. Soft esetting the phone 5 times a day is rediculous (that's what I am currently doing). But hard resetting 4 times in 18 months is also rediculous. And since I am coming up on my NE2 I'm looking for good alternatives - and there aren't any. BTW this is the first negative post I have ever made about my i760 - except the the lockups I still love it, but I just can't live with it anymore.
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    These lock ups are pretty bad. I get them multiple times in a day and sometimes not for a few days. It sucks.

    The worst is when your phone hangs when its receiving a call. You see the name pop up but you can't answer.

    Also, it does this kinda lame ass crap when I'm getting a call and it's all bluetoothed up to my car. Hard reset time I suppose.

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    My i760 repeatedly locks up, sometimes several times a day. I attributed it to the amount of mail I receive each day, as the device is sync'ing with my mail server. I've done hard resets, I have nothing installed on the device other then the default apps.

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    My 760 NEVER locks up. But I don't have ANY third party apps on it. It's completely stock. Strip it down to zero and live with it for a few days. If it runs fine, put back what you need, one at a time with a day lag in between.

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    I have the same problem with frequent soft resets needed...the most annoying is when an incoming call takes places. I'll get a few seconds of the phone vibrating, the soft keys/caller id bubble pops up, but no response. interestingly, the screen tries to change to landscape mode even while "frozen" if i slide the keyboard out. otherwise it's a soft reset to get to where I can call back my missed call.

    also: I've had to do a hard reboot FAIRLY CONSISTENTLY every 2 months. may be a software culprit ?

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    I guess you'd need to do as they suggested and do a hard reset and install only essential apps one at a time.

    I can't imagine running my i760 with no 3rd party apps. *shudders*

    I get lockups like once or twice a week and it's annoying, but I'm sticking it out with my i760 - it pretty much does everything I'd want (when it's stable), but I'm going to take a hard look at these new Motorola droids on Wednesday.
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