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Thread: Hulu is Back!

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    Talking Hulu is Back!

    Hi Folks:
    For those that care, Hulu is back on Skyfire.
    Tried it, and it works!

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    Can't seem to get it working for me. I wonder if Big Red has something to do with it?

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    Wow, didn't realize it was blocked. Tried it over Wifi so why would VZW have an issue with that? It's Hulu blocking - the reason I cannot comprehend.

    This is what happens when something so potentially cool is run by morons with no understanding and a strong resistance to the changes that are coming. They block Hulu from Boxee as well and it's because they don't want people watching Hulu in their living rooms on TVs ... MOROOOONNNNSSS! I don't understand the problem - we're still seeing the commercials - why are they restricting the method by which we access online content. Just silly. Well, someone let the geniuses know that this just promotes pirating.
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    Unhappy Hulu is Not back

    After my original post, Hulu blocked
    Skyfire again, a few days later.
    Been down ever since.

    Supposedly at the request of the program providers.
    I can't see either what the difference is between
    on the big computer or the PPC screen.
    Corporate strangeness.

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