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    I760 wont find Moto s9, Please assist


    I got a MOTO s9 headset and I charged it up all the way, but When i turn on the bluetooth and have the phone search for the headset it never finds it. The headset is turn on as well. I tried bluetooth with another phone to see if the i760 is the issue and the other phone gets detected. I am not able to see the headset. Can anyone help me?


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    Did you try the S9 with another device or try your phone with another device? You should be able to use the S9 as a std BT mono headset with another phone.

    I would try that to see if the S9 is faulty, or perhaps it is never entering pairing mode.

    I don't know if you have the manual still, but i pasted the pairing section from the manual. Is the light on solid blue when you are trying to do discovery?

    I have one of these and have paired it with my i760, Treo 700wx, a ipod adapter, and my laptop with no issues. It could be a faulty headset.

    "First Time Use When using your S9 for the first time, follow these steps to pair (connect) to your Bluetooth device(s)

    Important: If you are pairing separate Bluetoothdevices for handsfree calls and streaming music, it is recommended that you pair your S9 with your handsfree device (phone) first.Ensure the Bluetooth feature is enabled (turned on) in your device. (Refer to your phone or music device manual for detailed instructions on enabling Bluetooth).

    Turn on your S9 by pressing and holding power button until the indicator light flashes three times in blue.

    After a few moments, the indicator light will be steadily lit in blue to indicate your S9 is in pairing mode.3 From your device, perform a Bluetooth device discovery/search. (Refer to your phone or music device manual for detailed instructions on accessing Bluetooth and searching for discoverable devices)"

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