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    HELP!!!! Music Disappeared SCH-i760

    Ok So I downloaded the windows mobile 6.1 upgrade for my SCH-i760 and had a 16GB memory card that worked perfectly for all my music. I had AIM app installed previously before my problem occurred. I had the entire 16GB memory card full of music. I woke up one morning to find that my entire library of music was gone. I flipped out, but thought ok Ill put it back on. well it says my memory card is completely full still but the music is not on there. Even when I went through file explorer and Active Sync it doesnt show up but says the memory card is still full. help?

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    If you have a SD card reader I would check for the music on that first.

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    Try PhotoRec PhotoRec - CGSecurity or Recuva for more serious problems Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File Recovery - Home

    I think there are threads on this here, but thankfully it's never happened to me.
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