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    password reset itself?

    my phone was acting funky today - when i would tap the top button to turn the screen off it would keep asking if i wanted to shut down so i decided to soft reset to fix the problem.

    after the reset my phone will not let me get past the password prompt - in the beginning it would tell me that my password was invalid even though i know my code and i definitely had not changed it. tried a few others, including the last 4 digits of my phone # but nothing worked. now when i press the unlock button nothing even happens at all - no invalid password message or anything. it just won't let me past the password prompt.

    called customer support - since i could reset it by dialing *whatever there was nothing they could do so they sent to me my local store. the tech support there tried to tell me i had changed the password on myself (i definitely didn't) and the only way to possibly save my phone would be a hard reset... but it probably won't work and i'll have to get insurance to send me another phone.

    before i go and try to hard reset... has anyone here run into this problem? is there any way to fix this without wiping out all of my data?

    and if i do have to get a new phone from the insurance people, do you know if they have i760s currently in stock... was thinking about switch to the htc touch pro and this might be a good opportunity

    thanks in advance

    **edit - can't even hard reset - when i try to connect it to my computer winsdows doesn't even recognize that it's plugged in
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