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    Should I change to HTC Touh pro if its free?

    The insurance company is ofering me the ability to change my i760 for a HTC Touch Pro since nothing else they offer even comes close the functionality needed in a phone for me and they no longer have 760s. The qestion is should I do it or wait and/or hope they get more 760s in stock.

    Any advice here?

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    Touch Pro is an excellent device (when properly tweaked - dump Touch Flo and turn off the HTC phone skin or you won't have enough program memory to run any apps). You may miss the front keyboard, but it is faster, has much more responsive touch screen, higher resolution screen, a working GPS, and a huge development community doing custom roms and tweak packages that the i760 never had.

    Also, the light, motion, and stylus sensors allow for some cool programs that the i760 can't use.

    Downside is that it only comes with one battery, and it won't get you through the day if you are a heavy user. I always liked that Samsung's have always shipped with both a regular and extended battery.


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    The touch pro is nice, a little faster, sexy screen and GPS. The best thing about the TP are all the custom roms available and the huge community behind the device. But it is still a windows mobile phone and you really wont find it be be all that different. I love the i760 and its design better. The TP didn't offer enough change or improvements for me to stay with the TP. but you most likely wont dislike the TP enough to wish you had the i760. It is a free upgrade. plus a year or so in the future when u "lose" your TP and asurion no longer has any in stock.... another free upgrade.

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