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    Single device bluetooth pairing problem

    I am having severe problems with my i760 pairing up with my earpiece. The problems can be any of the following:
    Have to go to connection manager and select turning on bluetooth - Kaleidoscope wheel starts spinning - bluetooth may turn on and then again it may not turn on - sometimes I have to do the same thing 10x times and still not have it turn on. Sometimes I re-boot and may or may not have to repeat the same operation all over again.

    Finally bluetooth activates and the phone pairs with my Jabra BT 8010. Great right? No, not great because at any minute and with no rhyme or reason the phone turns the bluetooth off. This can happen in mid call, when the call disconnects, while listening to streaming media such as WMP or Audible, when plugging the phone into the charger or even when doing nothing at all. There are times when the phone stays paired for hours and times when it can't stay paired for more than a few seconds or minutes or insert your random time here. (and yes I have a Jabra BT 3030, and the same problems that occur with one occur with the other and yes, I have removed both profiles and only re-installed 1 had it happen, removed it and re-installed the other and had it happen)

    I have not done a hard reset, and don't want to unless someone tells me it will fix the problem because of the amount of software I have loaded. I have sprint backup, but would be afraid that doing a hard reset and a restore would just re-introduce the problem. Does anyone know if there are any phone issues or issues with add on software such as phone alarm or pocket weather that can be causing this, or if I should just take the phone to verizon and cash in on my insurance plan? Thanks in advance for any guidance ya'll can give me.

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    Bluetooth on this phone sucks. It's a problem common to anyone who uses this phone and it will never be fixed. Sorry.

    I only have one device paired with my phone and it works pretty well. If you start adding more than one device, you're going to have problems.

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    I bought a Jabra BT530 and my SCH-i760 will not see it. Any ideas? What device are you using that actually connects?Thanks so much

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    I used a couple different BT ear pieces. I never had a problem with connecting them.

    Did you try soft reseting?

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