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    Lost my phone two days ago, filed a claim with Asurion...

    Well, as the title states, I lost my i760 two days ago, and filed a claim with Asurion. I paid the $50 and chalked it up as money lost. Well, today, I found the phone. It had wedged itself under the seat track in my F250. Since my truck has black interior, it was impossible to see. My question is, can I call Asurion and ask them to let me return the replacement phone and give me my $50 back, or am I stuck? I have not received the phone yet, but it definitely is not worth it for me to get another phone just like the one that I already have.

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    I doubt it.. you already authorized the $50 deductible. And if you call them up I beat they will ask you to send the old phone back.. they will have already logged the ESN as lost. But then again.. it would never hurt to try!
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    My buddy had this same issue with a 6800.

    Since he paid for insurance he filed a claim the day he lost it at Walmart. He paid the $50 deductible and received the replacement within a couple of days.

    Almost 2 weeks later While at Walmart he thought he would ask if they had found his phone. To his surprise they did.

    All he did was call up Verizon and tell them about the situation to see if he could send the replacement back and get a refund for the $50. They said no, but they cleared the ESN so he could give it to his nephew to use.

    Hope that helps

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