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    Using a Verison i760 with Boost

    Hi there, I've had my i760 for a while, and it works just fine for me. I upgraded to it when I started texting more because I like having the non-scrunched keyboard that other phones have. My Verizon contract is coming up soon, and I have a couple questions about switching carriers.

    First, I understand there's some kind of custom code that needs to be generated for each individual phone, and Googling shows different places charge between $10-50 to make this code. Do those unlocking services work?

    Second, assuming the unlocking thing goes through, would it be able to be activated with Boost Mobile? They're in my area, and their $1 a day plan looks like it would work great for me.

    Third, if that won't work, what's a good phone with a i760-ish keyboard that will work with Boost? I don't like on-screen keyboards, and the keyboards on phones like the i770 are just too small for me to use.

    Thanks for your help!

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    No you can not. Boost is a GSM/ iDEN network. You have a CDMA phone.

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