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Thread: Windows 7

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    Thumbs up Windows 7

    Searched for Windows 7 thread before creating this one.

    Updated my Vista Ultimate Laptop with Windows 7. Encountered no problems. It does, however, have you remove the Windows Mobile Center.

    Before I attached the i760 to the usb port, I soft-resetted the i760 and restarted the laptop. Just as a precaution.

    Windows 7 recognized the i760, installed the proper drivers, installed Mobile Center, and began sync. Encountered no problems.
    My eWallet app also synched up without any problems.
    My Goodsync app worked fine (I sync some files from the storage card).

    I've found that Win7 works a lot better than Vista.
    Been there. Done that. Can't remember.

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    cant get mine to sync with windows 7

    nevermind got it to work.... it was operator error
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