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    Lotsa I760 accesories...

    For sale: I760 Accessory Extravaganza!!

    I have replaced my i760 with a touch pro 2. A very hard decision to make. You get to benefit from my choice. Since I had a i760 for a few years I accumulated a number of accessories, all of which I would like to sell to get some cash to purchase a couple of car mounts for the touch pro. Here’s the deal

    1. Home chargers (3 of them)
    2. Pro-Clip car mounts (*see note below)
    3. Emergency battery supply, allows you to run your i760 off AA Batteries
    4. Data cable (‘nuff said)
    5. Headset adapters (2 of them) – these let you plug a standard 1/8th inch audio amplifier (aka car) into your phone by converting the micro headset plug into a standard “earphone” plug.
    6. Docking station – allows you to “dock” your i760 easily with your PC and charge at the same time. Also allows you to charge an extra battery.
    7. Standard battery (never used)
    8. Auto retract car charger
    9. Extended battery (used about 8 months)

    View all the above at:

    *The pro-clip auto mount requires a separate piece that actually attaches to your car. This piece (2 of them) is designed to “grab” your I760 but they mount individually to the universal mount for your type of car. It’s a very cool system and does no damage to your vehicle. Visit the following URL for more information:


    All this can be yours for only $100!

    Email me at jglazer@adconn.com if you are interested

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    Way to high of a price. You can get all this stuff off ebay much cheaper.

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    The above package sold immediately (the proclip car mounts were $40 each alone... it was a good deal regardless of previous post).

    Anyhow thanks for all the inquiries.

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