Hi, I am a new user (relatively - got the phone in May, within the 2 months Verizon had it without a data plan...). Have wifi problems connecting at school. We have a guest network and a student secured network with WPA AES. While all laptops and iphones seem to have no problem with either, i760 just keeps saying "connecting" and NOTHING happens with the guest network, until an error message pops up after about 2 minutes. With the secured network, an error pops up that a certificate is needed to positively identify me...well the certificate is installed! Does any one know if there is some sort of an upgrade for the wifi card, or if there is any program that might possibly detect settings and help me connect? I love the phone, but these 2 networks bring me to a total of 3 that I cannot connect to by applying the seemingly correct settings. Other networks (both secured and unsecured, WEP and WPA connect fine)

Any help gladly appreciated! I read some posts and users still seem to be active, hopefully you can help.

Happy to find a community, which hopefully will continue its existence.