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    My i760 Buttons Are Acting Funny

    I just got a used i760. I can still return it if the device is simply defective but before I do that I want to trouble shoot and see if anyone else has jhad this issue. Everything seems to be working fine except for two things:

    the D-Pad: For some reason the D-Pad does not always operate as an up, down, left, right control. In fact it doesn't operate as such in critical times. In these cases Up=1 down=3 left=2 and right=7 center button=9. It's a bit of a paint when I want to scroll down on my contacts only have my phone respond by saying "3333" pressing down each time.

    The space bar: On the Qwerty board every key seems to be working fine except the space bar. Thus far it is doing the job of the left soft key. I was typing a text message and when i hit space after the first word, it responded by sending the message.

    My Troubleshoot Ideas:

    Upgrade to 6.1: Currently, the phone is on 6.0. I'm theorizing that this issue is do to a corrupted OS and not a hardware problem in which case, it should go back to normal with a fresh install...theoretically. I'm not exactly clear on how I upgrade to 6.1? I don't have a USB for this phone. Is there a way to upgrade this phone through other means?

    Hard Reset: I already tried this there was no change. Even the Verizon specified ways that clear data.

    HELP: After these two things I'm pretty much stumped. Any input would be much appreciated.

    Let me know!

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    You will need a USB cable to upgrade to 6.1 that's the only way... YOu can try and have verizon do it.. they used to do PDA firmware upgrades but I thought I read somewhere they weren't anymore.. I have a gut feeling that if a hard reset doesn't fix it then a firmware upgrade won't either. Unless you have some reason to believe the firmware is jaked on the phone now. If Verizon will take it back and give you another I would almost go with that option.
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    It's not a firmware issue, I see this all the time. It's water damage, whoever you bought it from gave you a bad phone. The buttons and connectors on the phone have corroded and now give the mother board the incorrect signals. There is no fix, unless you want to replace all the keyboards and buttons, and even still that may not always work. Return it and get a new one.

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    Thanks for the replies. I did just that. I hope to hear from the seller soon about a refund or exchange.

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