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    pantech pn-820 better than samsun i760?


    I recently came from pantech pn-820 which I used core player to view some videos on the road.
    some of the videos that have played flawlessly on the old pn-820 ( which is inferior to i760 in every way ) did much better when playing video

    When playing the same videos on i760 , it would pause for about half a sec every few seconds...
    And the screen is not as smooth as it is on the pn-820

    Is there any way to make it work better? perhaps another player other than coreplayer?
    I have nothing running on the background , ram is as free as it could be

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Ah, cool the pn-820 - I almost chose that over my old i730.

    That's odd - I know the i760 isn't exactly and powerhouse - in fact it had trouble with videos my i730 could handle (such as iPod Classic mp4 podcast videos) If the phone is having to up/downscale the image at all or something like this it can slow things down.

    What format are the videos in? What's the resolution and bitrate?
    I use a TCPMP package put together by some XDA dude so I'm not sure what the difference may be.
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