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    power down v. sleep mode

    I went to charge my wife's i-760 tonight and when i pressed the button on the top to turn it on it booted, showing the verizon screen, then went to the today screen. I thought maybe the battery had drained, but it was at about 75%.

    It got me thinking... when you normally press the button on top, it "goes to sleep" but is not actually off. Is there a way to turn it off completly? so it doesn't use any battery, or uses very little? This would be perfect for over night, so not to use the battery.

    She doesn't know what she did to make that happen. and i can't get it to do it again.

    any ideas?



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    Pressing the power button momentarily puts the phone into the stand by mode. To shut down the device, first make sure it is on. Then hold the power button down for a few seconds. The shutdown dialog will appear. Tap OK to shut it down. To turn the phone back on from this state, hold the power button down for a couple of seconds.

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    airplane mode plus putting it to sleep will use the least amount of battery. im not familiar with the 760 but if it doesn't have such a setting, just turn off wifi, bluetooth and the phone then put it to sleep.

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