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    How to activate screen with keys other than power key

    Is it possible to activate the screen by pushing keys other than power key? My screen turns off after some time and when I'm ready to make a call I'd like to just push the send key and have the screen light up ready to go. However, pushing other keys does nothing and I have to push the power key first (in an awkward location when I'm driving and want to use voice command).

    Thanks for any help


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    Nope.. that was actually discussed back when this phone was released.. but I wouldn't be surprised if you couldn't find the reference. I make mine easier to find by putting a bling jewel on the button. It creates a small nub that is easier to locate by feel.
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    Good idea McGuzzy.

    I mapped the Windows Menu button (on the top right of phone) to open my calendar when I hold it down. I found this would wake up my phone when it was in my holster because it would get pressed down.

    Not sure if thats what your looking for though.

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