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    It's been fun, but...

    ...after years of loyalty and several handsets, I've finally decided to move on from my trusty i760.

    A hard decision to be sure, but if anyone is interested I am selling my complete kit on eBay. (Verizon only)

    Verizon Samsung i760 with ridiculous number of extras!! - eBay (item 110481583900 end time Jan-21-10 15:41:45 PST)

    it's got a lot of extras:

    1x Samsung i760/WinMo 6.1 with extended battery
    1x Hard rubberized case
    1x usb cradle with battery charging slot
    1x usb car charger
    1x power tip
    2x extra stylii
    2x standard batteries
    3x usb-i760 cables
    6x i760 power adapters

    All in good condition. Hopefully it can go to a good home

    So long, and thanks for all the help, information, and good times everyone on these boards have shared over the years. It's been a truly invaluable resource.

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